Adjunct Assistant Professor, North Central College


MNM560: Social Media and Marketing for NonProfits

Explores contemporary methods to market nonprofits. Topics include marketing in our fast-changing world, market research, measuring and forecasting demand and positioning for competitive advantage. Students learn about branding and storytelling and discover creative ways nonprofits market their organizations. Ethical concerns for the use of market research data and marketing are also explored.

MNM550: Fundraising, Stewardship, and Philanthrophy.

An introduction to fundraising language, story and thought processes in order to begin a successful fundraising campaign. Students discover methods to assess fundraising needs, maintain relationships with donors, research prospective donors, set institutional financial goals, polish writing and presentation styles and nurturing potential donors. Strategies to utilize a volunteer staff and board members to assist in fundraising will be discussed. An introduction to forms of letter writing specific to fundraising as well as grant writing will be included. The principles that undergird effective fundraising practices will also be reviewed, including the historical, organizational, legal, ethical and theoretical contexts of fundraising.

Master Of Nonprofit Management and Leadership MNM

The nonprofit management and leadership program addresses the unique opportunities and challenges nonprofit organizations realize in the 21st century. Exploring the research, theory and practice of management and leadership, the program builds skills and knowledge in human resources, board governance, fundraising, program evaluation, fiscal management and responsibility, nonprofit law, marketing and ethics.

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 36 credit hours to include:



Six credit hours from the following: